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Growing-up and time spent in school and developing interests should be a magical time in a young person’s life. Sometimes difficulties arise – these may be with learning or with developing control of emotions and behaviour. Psychologists are uniquely placed to help children and young people through the challenges.

I have extensive experience in providing Clinical & Forensic Evaluations for children and adolescents. Usually in the context of wider forensic matters, I see children aged 10+ for the purpose of educational & neuropsychological testing. 

Typical Issues to be addressed Include:

– Assessment of Special School Needs
– Full Psycho-educational Evaluations
– Intelligence Testing
– Design of Individualised Programs of Support
– Support staff in devising Positive Behaviour Support Plans

Expert provider of Clinical & Forensic Evaluations of emotional and behavioural difficulties including general violence and sexual violence risk in adolescents aged 14+. I have worked on some of the most high profile cases that have been in the media in recent times.

I often see young people in settings other than my office. I meet children and young people in their school environments, their family homes, HSE clinic offices, paediatric settings including hospitals, foster care settings, residential care settings, and secure environments.

I am an experienced consultant to young people subject of Care Orders or in other care arrangements. I have provided expert testimony to the Courts in hundreds of cases.

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